Event Summary

Peer-on-peer sexual harassment is a serious issue facing all schools and colleges across Wales. Around half of all pupils in secondary schools have personal experience of peer-on-peer sexual harassment and three-quarters of all pupils have reported seeing others experience this*.

The Welsh Government’s new Peer on Peer Sexual Harassment Action Plan sets out a vision that young people should have access to a safe learning environments where sexual harassment is challenged and addressed.

In response, we are pleased to bring you advance notice of our full-day Sexual Harassment in Education Wales Digital Conference which will provide practical insights to effectively prevent and tackle sexual harassment in your setting.

Join us this June to hear directly from the Welsh Government’s Nicola Edwards, Deputy Director of Equity in Education on the new Peer on Peer Sexual Harassment Action Plan.

Bringing together expert speakers and best practice settings, we will share how to implement a whole-school approach to stamp out peer-on-peer sexual harassment using tools such as the Curriculum for Wales and RSE code. You will learn how to improve reporting procedures and effectively deal with cases of sexual harassment, including those that happen online.

We will spotlight key issues including how to develop a holistic and trauma-informed support system for all pupils, including LGBTQ+ learners.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn, network and strengthen your approach to preventing and tackling peer-on-peer sexual harassment in your setting.

* Peer-on-peer sexual harassment in education settings: action plan, Welsh Government, January 2024

Key Points

  • An update from the Welsh Government on the Peer on Peer Sexual Harassment Action Plan
  • Adopting a whole-school approach to preventing peer-on-peer sexual harassment
  • Improving reporting procedures and effectively responding to cases of sexual harassment
  • Creating safe spaces for learners to share their experiences
  • Education and awareness: preventing sexual harassment through the Curriculum for Wales and RSE code
  • Implementing a trauma-informed approach to support for all pupils, including LGBTQ+ learners
  • Tackling sexual harassment, including online harassment, through effective multi-agency working
  • Supporting staff to deal with cases sexual harassment

Brochure can be provided in Welsh. Cysylltwch am y llyfryn Cymraeg – email events@knowledgeexchange.group