Event Summary

The LGBTQ+ Action Plan for Wales* aims to tackle the existing inequalities experienced by LGBTQ+ communities, challenge discrimination, and create a society where LGBTQ+ people feel safe to live and love authentically, openly, and freely as themselves.

One year on since the Plan was published, we will be joined by the author of the LGBTQ+ Action Plan, Dr Alessandro Ceccarelli to hear an update on policy and implementation.  

Attend to hear from leading case studies and best practice across all of the key themes including: increasing participation and inclusion, strengthening equality and human rights, tackling hate crime, welcoming LGBTQ+ asylum seekers, improving healthcare outcomes, providing LGBTQ+ inclusive education and workplaces.

Our popular LGBTQ+ Action Plan for Wales conference held in Cardiff last July was attended by over 150 colleagues from organisations striving to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people in Wales. Come along to our conference in June to make new connections and network with colleagues from various sectors including education, housing, health and social care, culture and sport. 

Find out how others have embedded a culture of inclusivity for LGBTQ+ employees and share your progress and challenges in achieving the desired outcomes for people from LGBTQ+ communities.

Brochure can be provided in Welsh. Cysylltwch am y llyfryn Cymraeg – email info@policyinsight.wales

Key Points

  • Creating inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ people
  • Understanding and implementing intersectional practices
  • Involving LGBTQ+ communities in designing public services
  • Effectively tackling hate crime
  • Defending and promoting the rights of LGBTQ+ people
  • Improving the experience of LGBTQ+ people in the health and social care sector
  • Ensuring all colleges and universities in Wales are LGBTQ+ inclusive environments for learners, students and staff
  • Improving outcomes for LGBTQ+ communities

Benefits of attending

  • 4.5 hours of CPD certified content
  • Learn from, and network with, leading organisations from across Wales
  • Feel equipped to improve LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion in your organisation
  • Cross-sector learning and networking