Event Summary

Two years on from the Anti-Racist Action Plan, what progress has been made to create the kind of society that roots racism out from the source in Wales? With reports of racist incidents in schools*, local communities, and even in football**, what part can we all play in making  the plan a reality?

Join Policy Insight Wales annual Creating an Anti-Racist Wales Conference 2024 to gain key insights from policymakers, police, practitioners, and more to understand the progress towards achieving an anti-racist Wales. What more needs to be done?

The nature of anti-racism is institutional, cultural, and personal. You will hear from the National Library of Wales as they discuss their approach to embedding an anti-racist organisation from decolonising their collections to improving internal staff culture. Learn from police, local government, and third sector organisations as they discuss procedures for reporting racist incidents and tackling hate crimes across Wales.

Genuine commitment to anti-racism means time and resources, unpacking biases and removing them from organisation-wide practices. Explore the next steps for the Race Equality Charter, and how you can implement the charter in your organisation.

Our conference will spotlight embedding anti-racist practices, practical steps, and best practice from across Wales.

Don’t miss the opportunity to network with colleagues from a range of industries across the public and private sectors, growing your network and gaining new ideas to do your part in making Wales an anti-racist society.

*Childrens Commissioner for Wales

*Show Racism the Red Card

Brochure can be provided in Welsh. Cysylltwch am y llyfryn Cymraeg – email events@knowledgeexchange.group.

Key Points

  • Building a more inclusive Wales
  • Engaging young people and communities to commit to anti-racism
  • Getting senior leadership to buy-in to anti-racism
  • Understanding that discrimination is intersectional: embedding a holistic approach
  • Utilising the importance of community outreach
  • Combatting racism in schools, sports, and heritage institutions

Venue Details

In-person – This conference will take place in Cardiff Marriott. Attend this full-day event in person to network, build relationships and learn from your peers.